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When any hedgehog sits down to pen the website for a hedgehog charity, his favourite bit's going to be when he talks about himself. So get yourselves comfy, because it's time to tell a story - and boy, do I have a story!
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One hedgehog's journey - a survivor's account

So let's get one thing cleared up: I may have told a slight porky back there. I'm not really the one writing this story. 
Don't get me wrong - they're all my own words - but you see, I'm actually blind. For that reason, my noble secretary is jotting it all down for me. But that's by the by. I shall begin.

Out of darkness

My tale, such as I remember it, begins with darkness, yet ends in light. You see, I had found myself quite alone, wandering lost amid scents and sounds as alien to me as, well, I'm guessing the hedgerow is for you. Spotted and rescued from a car park where I had sought food and shelter, encountering neither, I was taken indoors. 

A nice fellow named Frank, from Hedgehog Rescue, promptly turned up. He seemed to know quite a lot about my kind, and having given me a somewhat comprehensive checking over (to which I was disconcerted but grateful), transported me back to Hedgehog Rescue to be cared for.

Fortune favours the prickly

I later learned, after a meal fit for a king (one does not turn one's nose up at the prospect of worms and chicken, let me tell you), that I had been named Andrew after one of the doctors at the surgery. A most suitable moniker, in my opinion. Quite regal-sounding, if I'm to be honest. At any rate, after some visits to the vet they ascertained that I was indeed blind. Apparently, it's not wise for a sightless hedgehog to go trotting off into the wild willy-nilly, so it was decided that I should take up permanent residence here - a decision I am most content with.

Home at last

They're good to me, here. I get fed every day, washed (they even do my housework), and most importantly, they let me snooze whenever I like. It's not hard to see why they named the place after me - after all, I'm a very important hedgehog.

Finding the hospital, in Appleby, Scunthorpe

Being a hedgehog charity, the hospital runs from donations. If you want to help a hedgehog like me and my many friends, get in touch and give whatever you can spare. Your help will always be appreciated.
A wildlife charity in Scunthorpe, dedicated to helping the hedgehogs of Britain back to good health.
Call 01724 872 726
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