Home is where the heart is
Where Hedgehogs come first

And at Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital in Appleby, there's plenty of heart - enough for everyone who has ever called this place home. Some come in poorly, others down on their luck. 
Others, like yours truly, Andrew Hogg, get to stay here the whole time! 
They even named the place after me, so I'm told...

One thing's for sure though: each one of us has been treated with the utmost dignity and care, nursed back to health by a compassionate and professional team that goes above and beyond in its duties, every single day.

wildlife care

A wildlife hospital like no other

 Now, I'm a hedgehog who likes to play it cool. But while I'm resting my spines, I sure can see a lot of busy people getting up to lots of things around me. This wildlife hospital, you see, is a haven exclusively for hedgehogs. I've seen many a brother and sister of mine enter this place looking rather sullen, but they're soon smiling again once those busy humans have worked some of their magic!

Get in Touch

Found a hedgehog in trouble?

Just like they did with me all that time ago, the kind folk here at Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital will take in any hedgehog in a spot of bother. It’s all about administering the right care, educating you humans on how best to help an injured hedgehog, and taking the right steps to rehabilitate us - so we can get back to foraging in the wild in no time.

Hedgehog Rescue
You can find our wildlife hospital in Appleby, Scunthorpe. Call us on:
01724 872 726
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