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One of my favourite hobbies - besides napping, that is - is to unwind by taking in all the various poems, stories and letters that are written about me. And I even like to adorn my walls with all the amazing artwork sent to me by boys and girls across the country. So get your pencils and your crayons in your hands and set to work! 

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Children's letters

We've had our hedgehogs for over a year now, my favourite is Wilhelmina. She is always the first to wake up, she comes onto the garden looking for treats I have left her before having a drink of water down at the lake. I can just about get her to feed from my hand. I always know it's her as she has a funny upturned nose. She then scurries off in search of grubs.
We have recently had 9 more delivered. We have had to keep them in the garages for about a week because of bad weather and they had not hibernated so weren't wintered. We kept them fed and watered and took a few pics. A few days ago we opened the doors and let them run for freedom. They didn't want to leave as they thought the garage made a good house. A few stayed behind or went back in, it took a few days for them all to decide to go outside. I will be keeping my eye out for them over the next few months before it gets too dark and it's time for my bed. Last night we saw a few eating the cat biscuits. Mum took a picture.
We are hoping that as the first batch have been here for a year and settled nicely that there may be some babies soon.
I will be in touch soon
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