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Have you found a hedgehog in need? Everyone knows that you humans like to make your gardens look nice, and that means you could well come across a hedgehog just like me! But it's important to know when to leave well alone, when to step in and assist, and who to call if needs be. Just follow my handy tips below and you'll be a sure-fire winner when it comes to all things small and spiny. 

Don't forget, you can call the rescue centre in Appleby directly, on 01724 872 726, for any and all hedgehog help.

Rescue hedgehog

Our patron: His Grace the Duke of Marlborough with his family 

Found a hog in the day?

This is one I can definitely relate to. Hedgehogs certainly do not like to sunbathe, so if you come across a hog looking forlorn in the day time, the best thing to do is gently scoop him up, and pop him in a box along with some water (but no food).  A blanket will provide comfort and warmth if required. Then ring your local vet or hedgehog rescue centre.

In winter, things get a little more serious. Get the hedgehog indoors quickly. A hot water bottle, heat pad, or warm blanket will provide much-needed warmth. It's fine to administer cat or dog food (but nothing fish-flavoured, please). Likewise, small cat biscuits will do, but under no circumstances give us milk or bread - it does us no good at all!
Hedgehog care

Disturbed a hedgehog family?

Whilst I trust you all to take ample care when pottering around your garden, there's always the possibility you will disturb a hog's nest. It upsets the mum greatly if her young come into contact with people, and she may well abandon the nest.

In the event of disturbing a budding hog family, ring your hedgehog rescue centre for advice, but please, leave the nest be.

Out in the garden?
Hedgehog numbers are sadly in decline. Bonfires, traffic, strimmers and many more man-made threats contribute to our falling numbers. And we do so much good - nibbling away at slugs and snails and devouring nasty bugs. So please, take care! We appreciate all your help.
Please remember, if you feel a hedgehog needs help - be it sick, injured or looking worse for wear -
call right away, on 01724 872 726
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