Hedgehog Hospital

A hedgehog hospital in Appleby, Scunthorpe

One thing an observant hedgehog picks up from being around humans, is that they've always got plans - big plans, in some cases. Turns out their next step in caring for hogs who find themselves in sticky situations - like the one I found myself in - is to build a fully customised hedgehog hospital. Find out more about the hospital - and how you can help - below.
Hedgehog care centre

About the hospital

The hedgehog hospital will be an eco-friendly build, completely customised to the needs of my prickly brethren - with the aim of achieving a carbon footprint of zero. The premises will boast all that is required to nurse, care for and house sick and injured hedgehogs, with the right facilities on hand to get them back to their chipper, foraging selves, ultimately to be released back into the wild.
hedgehog rescue centre

How can you help?

You're here because you care. You're reading this because you love hedgehogs every bit as much as all the staff here, who diligently and passionately spend their days helping innocent folks like me.

Why not make a small donation to a worthy cause, and make the construction of the hedgehog hospital another step closer to reality?
Our hedgehog hospital needs your help. We're based in Scunthorpe, but you can call us on:
01724 872 726
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