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Book the team for a talk

The dedicated bunch here at Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital love to natter. They can be booked for an in-depth talk on all things hog-related at your event or organisation. Get in touch to learn how.

What do the talks comprise?

One of the most important aspects of assuring the continued survival of Britain's hedgehogs is to educate people. There is so much to learn about our habits and quirks, the way we live, what we like to eat. 
Let me tell you, as a famous hog myself, that we are amazing creatures.

The team at Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital is available to come to your school, organisation, charity event or agricultural show to enlighten all it encounters about one of this country's most treasured animals.
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About the talks:

The onus is on education and fun in a relaxed but informative setting
You will get the chance to learn about what the team does
Learn more about the lives of hedgehogs and how to care for them in the best way
Discover what to do with injured or sick hedgehogs
Learn what the future holds for hedgehogs in Britain
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Book the team now:

Whether you are based locally in Scunthorpe, or further afield, your support will be welcomed.

Get in touch with Andrew's Hedgehog Hospital to learn about hedgehogs, from those who know them the best.
Learn about hedgehogs and discover the exciting work that the charity does. Call us, in Scunthorpe, on:
01724 872 726
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